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I have owned this site The Entropy Effect, for 11 years now. Originally I started it with an undefined purpose other than a blog with a few guest writers that covered everything from sports to entertainment, to whatever I felt like writing about. Then it shifted to an attempt to change the world by talking about Buddhism and world philosophy with the tag line “The World’s Not Bad But It could Be Better” and it stayed that way (and rarely got updated) for a long time. Then I started getting very into politics after working my first campaign and it took on a strong political tack in order to do what I once again thought would be helpful to people… but looking back was very negative in tone (oddly enough this was by far the most popular version of the site).  It kind of went into limbo for a long time after that and was even blank for a while and mostly used to test various web projects I had going on at any given time. It is time to change again.

My life has changed a lot since then. I got married and divorced (for a second time) and had a step son for a while, got my Master’s Degree, gone through several jobs including a very high profile political campaign, a job in an athletic apparel store,  a gaming machine company (basically video poker), a mobile phone provider, a field technician for several large computer retailers, and currently working as a level 1 support for a real estate company. My interests have shifted quite a bit. My favorite hobby is a side business I run doing SEO, website design, content creation,and general internet marketing in various forms (you can see a list of my sites over in the sidebar) and I am working towards making this my full time income source. It is this that has lead me to relaunch this site.

In order to make other content based sites successful you have to… create content, mostly writing articles. I used to be very good at this and enjoy it very much but as time has gone on I have gotten to the point that I found writing to be a chore instead of something I enjoyed and was outsourcing the creation of my content most of the time. This is less than ideal of course so I decided that the problem might be that I hadn’t been writing much so like so many things in life if you don’t use it… you lose it. I decided to use this as a place I could start exercising my writing muscles again and get back to the point where I enjoy writing and become far better at content creation than I am at present.

So that brings us here. I am not going to commit to myself or to anyone that may read this how often I will update it, what the updates will be about, how high the quality will be, or any other kind of commitment because like I said this is mostly a mental gymnasium for me. I just got interrupted in the middle of writing that sentence and totally lost my train of thought so I will go ahead and wrap this up for the time being.

As the obnoxiously catchy Imagine Dragons song “Radioactive” says “Welcome to the new age” welcome back to The Entropy Effect. Subscribe and check back often, I am very entertaining.

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